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1.Relieve headaches caused by various reasons
2. Improve cerebral circulation, enhance blood and oxygen supply, and help to improve chronic cerebral circulation insufficiency (CCCI)
3. Help to prevent cerebrovascular diseases and recovery from stroke

Tasly Cerebralcare Granules is a new generation herbal food supplement which Improves Mental alertness; Revives vital energy.It is beneficial for overcoming various types of headache, improves soft brain membrane micro-circulation, increases blood flow to the brain and prevents vascular spasm.
Its main indications being preventing headache due to hypertension, tension due to stress, menopausal headache, periodic headache, migraine and etc.In another word, it is excellent for relieving various headaches by dual effects (overcoming the cause and symptom as well) and rapidly improving micro-blood circulation in the brain. Thus effectively reduces occurrence of headache.

• Advanced technology and quality control system
• Multiple effects proved by clinical research
• No side effects
• Sugar free and safe for diabetes

Target Groups
• People desiring to protect cerebral function
• People with chronic cerebral circulation insufficiency
• People suffering from various type of headache, dizziness and vertigo
• People with stroke
• Elderly people with cognitive or memory disorders intending to prevent dementia
• Hypertensives
• People unable to sleep
• People subjected to emotional disorders like anxiety and depression

Do not use with low blood pressure except under medical supervision.
Do not use during pregnancy or while breast feeding.
NOT recommended for children under the age of 12 years old.