+ Do the medicines have any side effects?

+ Do you treat all illnesses?

+ Can I take your medicines with my chemical medicines?

+ I would like to become a Distributor of Tasly, what do I do and what is the registration fee?

+ My brother is 7 years old and is unable to speak or understand what he is doing. Is there any Tasly product that you can recommmend?

+ I suffer from migrain headaches. What products do I need?

+ I am battling to control my sugar levels. Please advise.

+ I have a high count of Free Radicals in my system. What Antioxidant do you have

+ I would like to know if you are able to treat fibroids?

+ I have hormone inbalance that is causing increased facial and body hair, acne, wrinkly skin and general loss of appetite. I would like to try a herbal solution. I have the phytosoy tables. what else do I need?

+ Can Danshen Plus Capsule cure heart disease patients?

+ which of your drugs do you recommend for treating partial paralysis

+ I have constant internal heat, stomach noisy, stifness in the my legs. What tasly product can I used?

+ I have protrude/disc buldge at two areas on my lower back. Having nerve pain on buttock down to back of thighs and legs when I too much or sit or walk more than half hour or so. Any of tasly products can relief the nerve pain? ?

+ Cordyceps what does it work for. Can Tasly melt an enlarged stomach caused by fibroids.

+ What do I use for infertility i.e blocked fallopian tube

+ I am a member of Tasly since 2008,but I want to be registered on line so that I can make orders on line,so that I can run my business very fast. May you please help me? My 84 years old Father was diagnosed with CANCER in his leg,then it was cut off. We thought that he'l be well. To our surprise,he then became very sick,bedridden,very weak,always drousy. He is always helped by his wife,nothing to do by himself. If you can help,please advise me with the medication to be used.

+ What do I use for infertility i.e blocked fallopian tube

+ Is Phytoestrogen good for the treatment of Fibroid. If not why?

+ I would like to be a distributor of Tasly what do i do


+ Im starting using Tasly dan shen tea for the skin problem how long does it take to see the different on my skin.

+ Can Citrus Sour tablets cure hapititis b,and how long can one take this to be cured?

+ Is Dashen Plus tablets the same as Cardio Tonic pill?

+ Please I want to find out which Tasly product I can use to regulate my blood sugar.

+ Tasly medication for a 7 year old with chronic cough that has resisted almost all common antibiotics?

+ What tasly prdt is recommended for detoxification of all body system

+ My brother is having boils in his body its been three months now

+ want to buy cp for personal use and some friends that are interested

+ Does Tasly have the product for HIV people? if yes what product is that?

+ Is there a product at Tasly for the person who is physically handicap aged about 19.. he cant walk, speak, or do his wk on his own..... he still needs a person help him for evrything.... please suggest

+ having been suffering from staphylococcus infection for some years what tasly herbal medicine can i use to cure it. so i can pay from the distributor in Nigeria

+ I have pain in right abdomen and lower back that causes severe leg pain am 43yrs,cycle irregular,sometimes no period for 2mnths.Am I menopausal?What can I use?

+ my husband is suffering of diabetics, dry feet gangren and kidney problem.can tasly product help him? what is the ingredients of this product?

+ I was dignose of heart problem(coronary artery) caused by cholestorel and difficulties in breathing, pls what product should I take

+ Tried Danshen Pills when I visited Nigeria last month. I was pleased with result and I need to buy more . However, I do not know where to buy the product in London. I will appreciate it if you can, inform me as to where I can buy the pills and can recommend it to friends and colleagues. Waiting in anticipation.

+ Is tasly I cleansing a laxative like the bitters?Does it cause diarrhea? How does it help constipation

+ Do tasly products remove contraceptive from the system?

+ I have heart pains anything am in a cold place AC OR FAN was told is pneumonia what tasly product can i use to combat dis.

+ are these products monitored by anyrelave nt authority and approved by them??<br/>if so who n what are the approvals.?<br/>

+ Which of your product can be used to reduce blood pressure and for how long?

+ i had undergone bypass surgery four years back and angioplasty last month. i still have 100% blockage in one artery. what medicine do you suggest?

+ does tasly have any form of medicine for hiv positive persons?

+ Can a pregnant woman take the A1 CAPSULE?

+ I have rheumatoid arthritis for the past 10 years.due to this my joints have also degenerated.can i take this medicines?how long i have to consume.can i get total remedy.my ra factor is 156iu/mg.thanku.

+ Can i use pollen tea to reduce weight?

+ i hv jst strtd the dashen tea and capsules bt whn ever i take them i feel nausea and sick in my stomach wht causes this pls help. thank u.<br/><br/>

+ my weight is 110 and my blood pressure is 14070 I want the BP to be at a nomal level and reduce my weight so I was introduced to dan shen tea alone which I was told to take two bags of it daily.so I want to know if that is all I need and how long will it take to lose weight and BP..thank you

+ I have 4.5 intramural fibroid with heavy peroids, what tasly product will u recommend, and how many months will I get result ?

+ I have been trying to fall pregnant even did laposcopy and hsg bt they found that my tubes are blocked and swollen so what must I buy to unblocked my tubes and conceive and gow much is going to take?

+ Am fat with big Tommy what can I do to reduce it. Is there anything like Tommy reducing belt with no side effect.

+ Pls I want to know If taslyA1 and citrus sour cure hepatitis b completely and how long?

+ Where can i get danshen plus for heart problem in central london area?

+ I have hot flushes on the stage of menopause what can I buy from these Tasly products?

+ I have Staphylococcus in the bile and cholesterol what do I use and for how long? Thank you,

+ What Tasly product can one use to cure hepatitis C? and for how long?

+ I have stage 4 kidney disease. GFR 22. Can you recommend a tasley product ? <br/><br/>Is there a tadly consultant in the San Antonio, Tx area ?

+ I want to join and be a distributor of Tasly products. I reside in the East Rand. What should I do?

+ Am 42 trying to be pregnant for the past 7yrs to no avail but I was always having stomach pain nd now my menstruation is black nd has a very bad odour is this fallopian blockage pls help I have to be pregnant

+ I am 47 years old male and I have just started taken Danshen for high blood pressure, my blood pressure reading was 140/80 and pulse 70 before taking Danshen, now after taking Danshen for two days my reading is is 160/90 and pulse is 83. What should I do and what is causing this rise in blood pressure. Thanks.

+ Can one take any of your teato mentain his body even when not diogonise with any ailment like citrus sour tablet. Will like your quick reply

+ Can Tasly products help my 3 year old daughter who has asthma and she is on chronic medication.

+ What are the prices for A1 capsules and Propolis Syrup?

+ I am 50 years old and i want to get pregnant, is this possible with tasly drugs?

+ My mum has ovarian cancer. She had surgery to remove the growth. Her ovaries and uterus were removed. But the cancer cells have spread a little to the liver. What talsy drugs can she take?

+ l have problem with my breathing when sleeping,.

+ I want to buy tasly danshen plus caps. I am already a distributor in nigeria

+ What is the cure for sexual dysfunction? Can I get the products in South Africa?

+ I started HIV Antivirals at the beginning of this year and whilst I feel healthy am concerned with the long term side effects. I heard about someone who went off ARV treatment and is taking Tasly and doing well. It is tempting, but the conventional approach keeps winning. What guarantees are there for the suppressed virus not to come back when on Tasly?

+ Pls how do I lose weight, what can you best recommend for me. Thanks

+ I am breastfeeding and overweight, can i take your weight loss products

+ How can I reduce my high cholestrol level and what can I used to stop the moving sensation like worms in my body please.

+ Please I need good products to cure my long Staphilococud aurius and warms movement in my blood streems.

+ my father is dialysis patient if he take the tasly products it helps or not and what product he will take<br/>

+ How can use danchen Plus,ice,propitiation syrup,propolis glossy to work effectively.

+ a breast milk coming out of a persons breast that is not yet married and also not pregnant, what tasly drugs will she take

+ Can I use A1 tasty product to cure long Staphilicocus and moving object in the body blood system. Do you have product for glaucoma patient.

+ Please I want to know if I can take miss bee propolis and water lily for fat reduction. I am weighing 95

+ Can a patient that already did kidney transplant but still having hypatic C virus been taking your medicine? is any tasly product recommend that wouldn't harm the new kidney? The C virus has been affecting the liver, please advise.

+ what do I use to remove gallstone, I feel pain under the lower part of my right ribcage

+ Is Tasly multivitamin Centforte made from herbs? My mother 69yrs has cough that defies most antibiotic and she is also partially paralysed, she also has arthritis she cannot stand what can she use

+ Anytime I take antibiotics the side effects is rapid increase in bp and friqeunt urination . I don't know if tasley does same because I want to treat staphylococcus with the product

+ almost everything I eat I react to it by running stomach and always stooling sometimes am even afraid to eat. and secondly when ever I wake up in the morning I have running noise. thirdly painful and moving object in my back at times I would need to apply something hot to relieve the pain. all antibiotics have tried proof abortive. so what tasly product do I need to use

+ I have a 2 years old son who has difficult in breathing, he is always breathing through his mouth, and his stomach is full of wind he does not loose wind continuously is there any tasly medication for him?

+ A patient had been on ARV for 5yr and just in the past 1yr, hypo pituitarism and hypothyroidism surfaced including gastritis. What Tasly product would you suggest for her. Do u cure hypothyroidism permanently ?

+ 1. What should take for brain tumour or should we come for testing first?<br/>2. How much is testing?<br/>3. Metformin ( for Diabetic ) is what I get from the clinic. Anything that can I use to supplement because I'm taking a lot of tablets a day. How much is it?

+ Can a pregnant woman take the kasly and shen plus capsule?

+ What kind of ur drugs will help boost my immune system and enhance my chances of getting pregnant.

+ What kind of ur drugs will help boost my immune system and enhance my chances of getting pregnant.

+ What kind of ur drugs will help boost my immune system and enhance my chances of getting pregnant.

+ can a pregnant woman use cordyceps?

+ Can u suggest me which of tis product can taken by a diabetes patient?

+ For someone that has accident and have broken leg what are the product that surpose to be taken

+ Can child under age between 4yr to 6yr take milk calcium

+ I BP. My problem is diziness and tinnitus. I just took B Cleansing my 2nd day I feel cold

+ I would like to know which product can stimulate my hair growth and hairline, I used to have have full long hair before chronic medication

+ please i have been on tramadol for many years but i want to stop it,which of your drug can i take.i have symptoms of constant headache, sleeping issue,feel weak,loss of energy,not able to eat,shock in body and brain.am from nigeria.

+ I am 38 and my mentration Have stop nd i want to get pregnant can i use your dan shen tea

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