Tasly Global Training System Development Council

I have just spent 3 hectic days in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia and experienced team work at its best. Congratulations to Dr Ravee and his team for putting together a Recognition Conference that far exceeded all expectations. Well done!

11 deserving Distributors received  their keys for their Mercs plus recognition was given to those who have moved up the ladder of success. An emotional evening was enjoyed by myself and those from other countries who had the privilege of being invited.


The Global Training Council was launched and is represented by South Africa, Nigeria, Japan Malaysia and China. We elected Dr Ravee to be the Chairman and together we will develop a Global training system that will allow us to grow and achieve Dr Yan's vision of us bringing our own countries to a Health stage and by developing Leaders who can continue this vision even when we have retired. Unity is strength and together we will grow, divided we will fall.

See you at the Top